Choosing A Cloud Based Email Spam Filter

Email remains to be the main source of corporate communication today. Despite the existence of social media channels, organizations still prefer to use email for work purposes. As time passes by, more and more people began to use email both for personal and for corporate purposes. Hence, the existence of various email attacks. This is where the need for an effective spam filtering solution comes in. An excellent email protection solution must be affordable yet effective. One good example is a cloud based email spam filter from Comodo.

cloud based email spam filter

Email Protection: Why Email Spam Filtering Matters

Organizations value email notifications. An email message may mean an inquiry or a new opportunity. But this can also be a sign of a possible email attack. Email spam now comes in many forms. It can appear as a form of advertisement or it might contain an infectious link. Either way, you need to deal with it. Sophisticated email-borne threats can harm strong email protection.

An effective way to improve email protection is through email spam filtering. It involves the process of using specific protocols to identify possible email attacks. Email filtering prevents unwanted junk emails from entering your inbox. Thus, keeping you away from the harmful effects of email spam.

Email spam filtering is a vital process to improve email protection. This is because email spam can cause plenty of negative effects on an organization. Series of junk mails can eat up a lot of space in your inbox. It can also result in productivity loss. Above all, email spam can destroy your company’s reputation.

Email Protection: The Need for A Cloud Based Email Spam Filter

Receiving email spam isn’t something new for email users. This is because hackers constantly send bulk emails every single day. Email spam may not appear as dangerous as it is. But it can result in various security issues such as data breach and fraud. An effective way to prevent these events from happening is by using an email spam filter.

Deciding which among the spam filters to choose can be a confusing task. You should know that there are different anti-spam solutions that are now available. A cloud based email spam filter, for instance, can be a great choice.

A cloud based email spam filter can help prevent the appearance of annoying junk mails. It also provides plenty of benefits to its users. Unlike other solutions, an anti spam solution hosted on the cloud is a lot simpler and more affordable. Since it is hosted on the cloud, it doesn’t need software installation or hardware device for it to function.

A cloud based email spam filter provides better protection like no other. It offers different filtering techniques in one place. Thus, resulting in better email protection without negative effects on network performance.

Another great reason to choose a cloud based email spam filter is affordability. A cloud based email spam filter offers quality protection at an affordable price. Most reliable IT security companies offer cloud based email spam filter on a subscription basis. Hence, you only pay for the services you use. Furthermore, a cloud based email spam filter requires less bandwidth and minimal maintenance.

Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: An Excellent Cloud Based Email Spam Filter for Stronger Email Protection

Most businesses today prefer to use email as a communication tool. Most often, professionals use email to transfer important files. Hence, strong email protection is a must. One way to improve email protection is by choosing a cloud based email spam filter like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is an excellent spam filtering solution. It forms a pre-perimeter defense that combats all possible forms of email spam. It provides security against spamming, and phishing attacks. This cloud based email spam filter can help improve email protection.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway also forms multi-layered filtering for better security. It uses layers of powerful filtering systems such as:

  • Comodo Antivirus
  • Valkyrie File Verdict System
  • Auto-Containment Technology
  • Latest Whitelists and Blacklists
  • Reputation Network
  • Email size restrictions
  • Attachment restrictions
  • Relay Rules
  • Active Directory or LDAP

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway also features outbound scanning and account locking. These features hinder spammers from reaching your domain. Preventing spam emails may result in stronger email protection.

A cloud based email spam filter like Comodo ASG can strengthen email protection. Hence, it is essential to your organization. Invest in a cloud based email filter today. Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway now! Visit our website at to know more about Comodo’s cloud based email spam filter.


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