One of the Best Spam Filter for Outlook 2016 is Here

Email providers are developing ways to make their services the “best among the rest.” But there’s one thing that hinders them from providing better performance. That's email spam. Spamming on email has become part of people’s daily norm. Still, no email providers nor security experts can end it. An effective way to prevent email spam is by using an anti spam solution. For starters, one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016 can be a great choice.

Best spam filter for outlook 2016

Best Spam Filter for Outlook 2016: Best Features of Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 is one of the most popular email clients in corporate settings. Despite it being popular, some people aren’t aware of its advantages. Below are some of the newest features of Outlook 2016 to help you get started:

  • Push email support
  • Thread availability
  • Enhanced calendars
  • Quick steps
  • Quick message preview
  • "Tell Me" function
  • Smart Lookup

Email Spam in Outlook 2016: Why Need One of the Best Spam Filter for Outlook 2016?

Unlike other communication mediums, email is a free-form tool. Hence, it is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. The accessibility of email can be both a blessing and a curse for email users like you. Email lets you send and receive messages for free. You can even use whatever electronic device you preferred the most. You can send an email using your computer, your tablet, or even your phone.

While there are hundreds of reasons to use email, there are also things you need to be aware of. One of them is email spam. Just like you, spammers use email because it is cheap and effective. They can use email to send malicious contents to as many users without a single amount. The more messages delivered, the more chances of victims. More victims means more profit.

Outlook 2016, for example, can be among the possible targets of hackers. Thus, it is necessary to use one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016.

Email offers undeniable benefits to businesses. Yet, there are still companies that fail to recognize the value of email service. This results in poor email security. Good thing, there are various ways to improve email protection. One way is by using one of the best spam filtering service like Comodo ASG.

Email providers like Outlook 2016 often have a built-in spam filter on their features. Still, it is recommended to use one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016. This ensures quality protection against all possible forms of email spam.

Spam Filter Settings in Outlook 2016: Choose One of the Best Spam Filter for Outlook 2016

The new and improved version of Outlook 2016 offers better email protection with a better spam filter settings. Still, it is best to use one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016.

To manage spam settings in Outlook 2016:

  • Open Outlook 2016
  • On the top-left corner of the Outlook screen, select the Home tab.
  • Under the Home tab, click Junk. From the rundown menu, select Junk E-mail Options.
  • The Junk E-mail Options will appear. Set the level of protection to High.
  • There are two different options to handle Outlook senders.
    • Safe Senders
    • Blocked Senders

These two options allow let users sort trusted senders from suspicious ones. Managing your email senders on Outlook 2016 can be useful to prevent spam. Yet, it won’t be enough. An effective option is an anti spam solution like Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. Such best spam filter for Outlook 2016 ensures quality email security.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway: One of the Best Spam Filter for Outlook 2016

There are plenty of IT security companies that offer great anti spam solutions. You might be wondering, why choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway among others? Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is a product created by Comodo, a global leader in the cybersecurity industry.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway is one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016. The best spam filtering service is capable of identifying and preventing all forms of email spam. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway does that. It offers a robust anti spam solution that guarantees safety against email-borne attacks.

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway uses multi-layered filtering that protects Outlook 2016. The best spam filter for Outlook 2016 like Comodo ASG allows users to enjoy various features of Outlook without compromising security.

Prevent email spam from reaching your inbox. Combat hackers with the best spam filter for Outlook 2016. Indeed, you need an excellent anti spam solution now more than ever. Choose one of the best spam filter for Outlook 2016. Choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway now!

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