The Best Spam Filter for Mac is a Hardware Appliance

MacOS occupies a tiny fraction of the desktop OS market share, which currently stands at 8.69% according to Netmarketshare. This makes Apple's venerable OS, a long time favorite of video editors and musicians alike, a lesser target by cybercriminals compared to its gigantic rival Windows.

Due to MacOS having BSD underpinnings, it inherits the root privilege policy of the latter when doing administrative tasks. This makes an underprivileged regular user unable to modify system-wide settings without supplying root-credentials (equivalent to system administrator user in Windows).

What MacOS and Windows have in common? Well, due to market demands many programs nowadays are cross-platform. Developers of Windows applications usually make a MacOS version of the same program, as many people expect to use the same program they used in the enterprise-friendly Windows with their Macs at home.

Best Spam Filter for Mac

This cross-platform flexibility makes the problems of a Windows-based application also exist with the MacOS counterpart. In this aspect, Windows and MacOS users face the same vulnerabilities, jumping the same security and privacy hoops daily. SPAM email is one of this perennial issue with computing that plagues both platforms, many Anti Spam solutions are in the market competing with each other for decades.

Even with the existence of mature Anti Spam software, SPAM still persists, because there is money to be made when it propagates. Spammers continue to work around the known anti spam features of email apps. Both the mainstream Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird offer a MacOS version.

Both email programs feature rudimentary anti spam capabilities, through the use of the junk folder. The crudeness of anti spam capability bundled with Outlook and Thunderbird disqualified it to be considered as best spam filter for Mac. The programs built-in anti spam blacklist, automatically tags the junk emails as spam, places them under quarantine to keep the Inbox clean. The capability to block junk emails by email clients mentioned above cannot be categorized as the best spam filter for Mac.

One key for the best spam filter for Mac is with the use of a dedicated hardware solution, that service the email server and filters the incoming and outgoing mail for malicious contents. One candidate as best spam filter for Mac is offered by Comodo® Dome Anti Spam. It is an appliance with advanced cloud-powered filtering capabilities. As it is a hardware appliance, it is OS-agnostic and runs parallel with your email server for a worry-free email infrastructure for your enterprise need. Being worry-free and less maintenance needed to deploy this appliance makes it the best spam filter for Mac.


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The best spam filter for Mac is not software, where it is limited and restricted by the OS manufacturer like Apple. A hardware solution like Comodo Dome Anti Spam covers all the bases, making it the best spam filter for Mac users for an all-in-one anti spam strategy. Of course, you may settle for a software solution but compatibility with MacOS versions can become an issue down the line. The best spam filter for Mac includes all the filtering technology available with the Windows OS.

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