What is the Best Spam Blocker App

Best Spam Blocker App

"What is the Best Spam Blocker App?" is a frequent question asked by hundreds or even thousands of users. The reason is that nobody likes spam, whether it is an individual user or a corporate – nobody likes spam. Why is spam not liked? Spam is unsolicited mail. Globally, a major portion of email (a whopping 70% of email) that travels over the network is unsolicited.

Spam is the easiest and cheapest form of email marketing where a single email can be sent to thousands or millions of users within seconds. Though emails are used for legitimate marketing activities, it is predominantly being used for a plethora of illegitimate activities such as - phishing campaigns, identity theft mails, fraud mail campaigns, sending disguised links to malicious websites, phishing websites, and fake advertising/hoax websites, and for sending trojans and other malware in the form of safe looking executable file attachments. Even word docs that appear harmless could contain malware in the form of macros.

How to Block Spam

There are multiple methods available to block spam. There are spam blocker apps, spam filters, and anti spam gateway tools. Spam blocker apps are basically spam filters. Most spam blocker apps and anti spam gateway tools filter spam based on a blacklisting database, just like signature-based virus definitions. This method is important as there is a huge database of known spam files, which is constantly growing with the active involvement of users. Typical email solutions allow users to specify a mail as spam, and based on a collective verdict, the email application adds that file to the spam list.

However, the massive volume of spam being generated and targeted at users and enterprises can be overwhelming. Spam must not reach the inbox of the users. It must be blocked to prevent the inbox from getting flooded with spam. It is highly unproductive for an employee to handle spam. It is not just 1 or 2, it could be hundreds every day. Manually evaluating spam email is an expensive proposition.

False Positives and Lost Business

Some spam blocker apps, filter spam based on very strict rules which have led to numerous false positives. Important mail has got blocked and business deals have been lost.

The Best Spam Blocker App

The Best Spam Blocker App must be able to handle new spam files, avoid false positives reporting, and block all known spam files. Most applications fail at handling the "unknown file"- they allow them unrestricted access to the inbox with the wrong belief that undetected files are safe. But in reality, it is not so. Zero-day malware can get unfettered access and infect computers and the network through email.

The Comodo Antispam Gateway (CASG)

Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) completely blocks infection even from the latest malware and zero-day malware, by utilizing a unique containment technology to fully contain risks before they reach the end point mail inbox.


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To vouch for its capabilities, the Comodo ASG has filtered over 400,000,000 email messages and caught over 40,000,000 spams. Additionally, it has blocked over 4,000,000 email-based malware.

As on date, Comodo ASG Spam Blocker App is the only antispam email solution that automatically runs unknown files in auto-containment to stop zero-day malware. CASG utilizes Valkyrie - a cloud-based multiple analytic technique system to rapidly score and filter incoming email attachments into 3 categories - as good, bad, or unknown. CASG offers a unique proposition - even when the behavior of the suspected spam file is being analyzed, the recipient of the email can open, and execute those files, without the fear of any infection. Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) Spam Blocker App is an effective cloud-based pre-perimeter defense against spam, phishing emails and virus-infected attachments.