Everyday Life of an Email User and Facing the Dangers of Spam

The Internet along with email has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, the flexibility provided by the advancement of technology has at the same time resulted in criminals getting into it. Many problems thus arise, one example of which is identity theft. Recently, one form of identity theft crime that has become a lethal security threat is phishing, targeted primarily at the casual email users and targeted corporate users, also known as spear phishing.

Phishing is one form of spam email deliberately designed to lure the recipient to trust that the email received is from a legitimate source, deceiving the user to click on the provided website hyperlink which connects them to some fake websites. Once the victim follows a spoofed link, in order not to raise suspicion and to present the phishing web site as authentic as possible, phishers are employing various techniques. One example is the use of URLs and host names that are obfuscated and modeled so that they look legitimate to inexperienced users. Another example is the use of real logos and corporate identity elements from the legitimate web site.

 Best Antivirus Antispam

A successful phishing attack can have disastrous consequences for the victims leading to financial losses and identity theft. While relatively low in success rate until now, phishing attempts have recently increased in frequency as well as quality, requiring a fresh look at their impact, at detection methods and education efforts. The phishers may use deceptive sender address, genuine-looking logo and fraudulent web links in such emails. In the battle against phishing, user education is important, as gullible users can get themselves into trouble even with the best and most sophisticated defenses available.

The fragile bonds of trust that companies build with their customers, suppliers and the rest of their stakeholder community are shattered when they fall for phishing attacks, severe virus infection or embarrassing security breach. As people lose faith in the reliability of electronic communication methods, companies lose their customer base, hence lost opportunities and lost income for a long run. This, in turn, causes a significant loss in money, resources and time.

Here are some of the safe computing practices when dealing with emails:

  • Be skeptical of warnings that a certain account will be in trouble, unless the user confirms her information using a form embedded on an email or a website. This is a huge red flag.
  • Enforcement of email authentication can ensure that message is sent by the intended person who is the sender of the mail. The attacker normally forges the return address and would send email from a similar looking domain to that of an original domain.
  • Installation of critical updates for the operating system for security vulnerabilities can be a hardening measure to withstand malware infection on networked computer.
  • Implementation of an email filtering system, which also serves as the antivirus antispam can be a good option to tackle spam or phishing emails. As phishing emails are a subset of spam, good spam filters can help. Signature based anti-spam filters could prove to be useful too. The installation of the best antivirus antispam. Arrangements need to be done to only tag the spam initially. The best formula is choosing the best antivirus antispam.

What is the best antivirus antispam?

Online security threats are nothing new, and business has to cope with various types of emerging threats since the beginning of e-commerce. The choice is with the business leaders if they want to acquire a comprehensive and the best antivirus antispam available in the market today, Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

Why should organizations need to use the best antivirus antispam?

As business practices evolve to keep pace with the advancement of new technology, phishers and malware authors committing fraudulent practices also become accustomed to the new technological opportunities that present themselves. This needs to be countered by the best antivirus antispam developed using the Valkyrie cloud detection technology of Comodo.

Does the best antivirus antispam a hosted service or something a sysadmin should install natively?

The best antivirus antispam combo is something not all vendors can provide, given that it is very complex to maintain a unified database for phishing, malware and plain old spam keywords. Comodo offers all of these in a convenient hosted package, enabling the best antivirus antispam to be rolled-out for the enterprise with least complications.

How can a system admin change the settings, configuring the best antivirus antispam based-on the requirements of her organization?

System administrators will be provided an easy-to-use ComodoOne portal which houses the settings of Comodo Anti-Spam Gateway. This best antivirus antispam package contains granular security configurations which can be adjusted as per need basis of the company. Choose the best antivirus antispam, choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway.

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