3-Traits that Makes the Best Anti Spam Software

We are always looking for the best anti spam software for a problem as big as spam, Some programs just depend on the brand name of the security product, while others rely on the suggestions made by friends and acquaintances they trust. People trust anti spam software based on where they got the recommendation from.

In this article, we will discuss the three traits that makes the best anti spam software. Not all security products that filter spam are created equal. We want you, our reader to be knowledgeable in order to find the best anti spam software for your network and your organization’s requirements.

Best Antispam Software

1. Transparent

The best anti spam software should not interfere with the end-users. The way emails should be filtered before they arrive in Outlook, Thunderbird or whatever email client available to the end-users. In an Enterprise, the configuration of an anti spam system should not cause serious negative effects with other servers that are already hosted by the company. Transparency also includes the documentation of the anti spam system. Do system administrators have access to the manual? Any decent anti spam system should be able to pass this basic hurdle

2. Do not burden the users and least maintenance for system administrators

The best anti spam software don't slow down user's computers. This can be achieved if the filtering does not happen in the PC, but rather happens in the network. Emails should be checked for spam contents prior to them entering the end-user's mailbox. The best anti spam software should be able to work independently of the users PC and other servers.

System administrators should be able to implement maintenance and testing of the anti spam system with minimal downtime or no downtime if possible. And the best anti spam software offers the best class support as part of after sales service. The capacity of the anti spam system developer to coordinate with system administrators in the event of a problem is also a vital requirement.

3. Keeps itself updated at all times

End-users and system administrators should not be bothered with updating the anti spam system. The best anti spam software should be able on its own to pick-up the latest updates without bothering the system administrators and end-users.

These traits are not clean-cut, as there is no perfect anti spam system. What this list provides are the good indicators of anti spam system worthy to be assured when in the market for an anti spam system.

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