Spam Emails in the Free Market Economies

Spam is the word for junk emails and marketing emails, which was born into the world since 1978, including advertisements for products/websites. It was and still is a money-making scamming scheme, a type of chain letter or promotion of pornographic contents. The amount of it delivered today range from annoying to appalling. An average user on the Internet gets about 10-50 spam emails a day and about 13 billion unsolicited commercial e-mail messages and still growing as we speak are sent each day, which represents about half of all email sent.

Unlike junk mail in your physical mailbox, Spam does not abate if it is unsuccessful. When marketing departments send junk mail at considerable expense, without success, they generally cease or try a different sales pitch. Spam, on the other hand, can be entirely unsuccessful, but a large number of wannabe spammers waiting in the wings ensure that we will continue to receive lots of it.

Anti spam Ware

The harm in spam, excluding the time spent in getting rid of them, is the fact that it uses up resources such as disk space and bandwidth, extremely precious quantities in the modern context. Also, a lot of disreputable and illegal companies and individuals utilize the opportunity to perpetrate various scams, illegal products, and other inappropriate materials. Estimates of lost productivity measured in billions of dollars yearly. Spam does not cost the sender anything - most of the expenses are paid for by the carriers or the recipient rather than by the sender. Due to these reasons and for the outright infringement on personal space, some method of preventing the normal delivery of spam is desired.

However, the goals of a spam blocking mechanism vary depending on the user. In most cases, it is important to avoid false hits (where non-spam gets classified as spam), at the risk of allowing some spam through. In a few cases, such as OpenDNS focused on filtering web contents based on DNS, a service which prevents inappropriate messages reaching younger viewers, some degree of laxity is allowed, especially since the parent can view it later and sort it out. Also, the nature of spam emails received differs among users, and spam content can also vary with time. Therefore, high adaptability is one of the prime concerns of any anti-spam software.

In a free-market economy a grossly inefficient process, Spam should cease when property rights are enforced. However, Spam is a big problem because property rights are difficult or impossible to enforce which makes it hard to get rid of Spam. Any physical assets they may have are irrelevant to their actions, which incidentally, has no borders. They are not subject to the legal systems of their victims. If they become subject to legislation attempting to stop Spam, they can find a more favorable environment in another country.

Spam is a big problem because it is an unwanted legal liability when it contains sexual or otherwise questionable content. This type of email is easily forwarded to people inside and outside the organization. Email is a business tool. Anything sent from a corporate email address is effectively written on electronic company letterhead. Companies should look for a gateway level solution that allows user-based policy configuration. A user-based Anti-spam solution will provide a system administrator fine granular control over specific scanning and blocking policies for individuals or a group of users. One such solution is Comodo Dome anti spam ware.

Comodo Dome anti spam ware, is beyond an anti spam ware software for Outlook, it is a multi-tier system for fighting junk emails. Depending upon the requirement of the enterprise, Comodo Dome anti spam ware is a business anti spam ware software for Outlook which can be entirely cloud-based, hosted in the cloud, but connected to your mail server or a hardware appliance located in your own office network itself. Such business anti spam ware software for Outlook prevents delays from email sending and receiving, in contrast to a software-based anti spam ware software for Outlook that runs on the mail server that interferes with the operation of the latter in real time.

As a hosted service, Comodo’s anti spam ware technology has a contractual obligation to provide a bundled level of free support. With the anti spam ware technology during the license period, serving as an all-in-one anti spam ware technology for any organizations large and small.


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