Electronic Mail Spam: Today and Tomorrow

Electronic mail is an efficient and decade-long popular communication channel for people from all walks of life. From the chief executives using corporate emails to the common Joe using a web-based service like Gmail. Like every powerful medium, however, it is prone to abuse in the name of earning profits. One such case of misuse is the blind posting of unsolicited e-mail messages, also known as spam or junk email, for very large numbers of recipients. Spam messages are typically sent using automated bulk-mailers and address lists harvested from newsletter web pages, dodgy websites, and social media. They vary significantly in content and context, from escort service advertisements to get-enlarged penis medicines. The common trait of these messages is that they are usually a non-interesting product or services from the point of view of the recipients. In many situations, they may even be detrimental, e.g. spam messages advertising porn sites may be read by preteen children and teenagers. Apart from consuming valuable time and limited bandwidth, spam e-mail also costs money as they occupy space, collectively it makes email a non-friendly medium due to the volume of junk emails.

Anti spam Tools

Spam-mail filtering is the chosen solution for many enterprises, which automatically filter unwanted electronic mail messages. The term "spam mail" is also more commonly known as "unsolicited commercial mail." Nowadays, the problem has achieved a big impact since bulk emailers take advantage of the great popularity of the electronic mail communication channel for indiscriminately flooding email accounts with unwanted advertisements. Individuals may waste a large amount of time transferring unwanted messages to their computers and sorting through those messages once transferred, to the point that they may be likely to become overwhelmed by spam. Some countermeasures prevent phishing from happening by authenticating and filtering email. Some other filter web content through consumer products like browser toolbars. In many cases relying on an Internet data center that collects, analyzes and responds to threats are essential to the functionality of a solution. Many rely on consumers to report spoofing-emails and phishing websites and then target them for the shutdown.

Among people with criminal intentions, identity theft is a very popular idea. These people, with their bad intentions, trick other to give up their money or other important belongings. Nowadays, the Internet plays a significant role in online commerce and business activities. However, the weak security on the Internet and, a huge economic benefit which attracts criminals to earn quick money in this field. Security risks on the Internet have grown exponentially since the online services have become more popular. This risk can be harmful and undesirable events may occur in different applications, which possibly have some security gaps. There may be a risk that personal and sensitive data can be hijacked over the unprotected Internet lines.

While an automated filter that misses a small percentage of spam may be acceptable to most users, fewer people are likely to accept a filter that incorrectly identifies a small percentage of legitimate mail as spam, especially if this implies the automatic discarding of the misclassified legitimate messages. This problem suggests the consideration of misclassification costs of the learning and evaluation of spam filter systems.

Comodo® anti spam tools Gateway protects the email clients from malicious attachments and links, a comprehensive anti spam tools software for Outlook. Anti spam tools' Heuristics cloud-based scans, a powerful algorithm compared to anti spam tools rules, it quarantines questionable messages as one of its primary anti spam tools actions. These days, that spammers are not afraid of a typical anti spam tools software for Outlook, they have all the tools at their disposal to continuously improve their spam.

Comodo Dome Anti Spam tools, anti spam tools software for Outlook is a multi-tier system for fighting junk emails. Depending upon the requirement of the enterprise, Comodo Dome Anti Spam tools is a business anti spam tools software for Outlook, which can be entirely cloud-based, hosted in the cloud, but connected to your mail server or a hardware appliance located in your own office network itself. Such business anti spam tools software for Outlook prevents delays from email sending and receiving, in contrast to a software-based anti spam tools software for Outlook that runs on the mail server that interferes with the operation of the latter in real time.


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