The Role of Anti Spam Solution in an Enterprise

For an ordinary person, spam email is not very damaging, but rather a nuisance since one sees an unsolicited email in their Gmail, Yahoo or email mailbox. However, for the enterprise, the cost of spam is a whole different ball game. Spam, like legitimate emails, occupy storage space, employee's time, bandwidth utilization, virus infection, phishing launch pad, and other cybersecurity concerns.

Imagine an organization with 5,000 employees, each with their own corporate email accounts.

With the number of spam emails today, relying on the corporate employees to clean-up the spam emails by themselves cost the company a huge amount of money. Productivity is measured in currency, and being productive means doing actual profitable tasks for the company, manually deleting spam emails is not one of them.

Anti spam Telegram

For each 15-seconds of wasted time per spam email, an employee spends for manually deleting spam email, with an average of 5 junk-emails a day (conservative estimate) to delete. Multiply that number by 5,000, then if converted to hours, that is 104 hours every day wasted for an organization. How many productive activities the entire company's workforce can produce in that same 104 hours/day? That's a lot, especially if the numbers will be multiplied for an entire quarter, the same time gap between earnings calls of company board-of-directors to the firm's shareholders.

There is a template for spam emails: offers for genitalia enhancement drugs, escort services, sex for hire offers, dating services, and other black-market products/services. An accidental click may render the Windows PC infected by malware, at worst ransomware or a phishing webpage asking for personally identifiable information.

So what are the options open for the firm, to minimize if not completely eliminate the threats. Here are the options provided by Comodo Dome Anti Spam telegram, the mainstream anti spam telegram from Comodo, a trusted name in security and privacy:

  • Blacklists/Whitelists
    A blacklist is essentially a listing of domain names, mail servers, or specific email accounts that the telegram will filter. When using a blacklist, incoming mail is checked against a to see if it meets any of the criteria on the list and if it does, it is blocked, deleted, or whatever you have chosen to do with it. Blacklists can be created by the system admin or part of the anti spam telegram filter itself.

    Whitelists are the opposite of blacklists. They contain domain names, mail servers, or specific email accounts that the telegram will filter allow even if the email matches all the other criteria of being a junk email. The whitelist allows system administrators to make sure that mail from specific addresses or domains will get through no matter what. If a contact is using other technologies to stop spam and want to make sure that email from your business partners, vendors, clients, etc. isn't blocked then you can use a whitelist. The Comodo Dome Anti Spam telegram can be configured who to whitelist or not, as part of its telegram strategy.

  • Integrity Check
    Mail can be checked to see if it has the characteristics of spam. Comodo Dome Anti Spam telegram can check headers and analyze it to see if they make sense. When mail is sent the header can be anything that you want, but when the mail server receives the mail it can check to see if where it is receiving mail from matches what is being reported by the headers.

  • Heuristics
    Heuristics is part of Comodo Dome Anti Spam telegram, it generally means the system is learning from the past and uses the collected intelligence to filter spam. In order to fool a spam solution that uses keyword filtering someone might take the word “VIAGRA” and change it somewhat to be V-I-A-G-R-A Since this obfuscation might not be in the list of the spam telegram may not trigger on this word. Anti spam telegram's heuristics would come into play here and allow the spam solution to see past the literal typing of the word and see it for what it is.

  • Content/keyword filtering
    Email can be checked for particular keywords, the Comodo Dome Anti Spam telegram helps with building the keyword filter. These keywords can be in any part of the email, the header, the subject line, or the body of the email text. Mail can then be blocked using anti spam telegram if it contains specific words or combinations of words. Email can also be filtered by anti spam telegram for specific content. You may wish to block emails that contain executable files (ending in .exe, .com, cmd, or .bat for example). People may also wish to block emails using the anti spam telegram that contain attachments with extensions that are commonly associated with viruses, trojans, and other malware (examples would include .pif, .scr, .vbs, etc.)

Comodo® Dome anti spam telegram delivers a high uptime centralized management for filtering spam from entering your network, a huge improvement compared to a free anti spam providers software. Through Comodo anti spam telegram, Administrators just need to configure the system once, setting the basic parameters like MX Records and other necessary information connected with the mail server, and the Comodo® Dome anti spam telegram protects the mail server by filtering its email traffic.


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Comodo Dome anti spam telegram is powered by Valkyrie, a real-time cloud-based scanning engine that is always updated through its consistent connection to the Comodo cloud servers. Anti spam telegram insulates people from contact with dangerous content and prevents the people layer from being the most vulnerable layer in a company's cybersecurity system. Comodo Dome anti spam telegram enables all users to expect only safe emails to arrive in their mailboxes, as filtering happens even before the emails enters the said mailboxes. Try it today!