3 Reason Why Spam Continues to Persist to this Day

The anti spam solutions market overwhelms many people, to the point of becoming numb with commercials, and advertisements of options people can choose from. The Internet used to be a great escape from the marketing hustle-and-bustle of the real world, but eventually, it too became a host of the marketing pandemic of global proportions. The most common defense against spam is awareness, through user education. However, spam persists to this day because of the following reasons:

Anti Spam Solutions
Some people are still gullible.

Social engineering, a subtle manipulation of someone’s actions through verbal tricks and scams. Humans are still the weakest links in the topic of security, especially computer security where exploits can be triggered with just one wrong move. Exploits can be triggered by a spam when it has malicious links embedded. Those links can execute a vulnerability in the operating system, with the browser, or with the plugins installed in the system like Flash and Java. For a stronger defense, users can choose any anti spam solutions from any vendor to protect their computer.

Misclick, misclick and more misclick

Experts advice not to open a spam email at all, even if it is inside the Junk folder already. However, with a sheer number of spam recipients, someone will make a mistake. Cybercriminals are pinning their hope that a misclick will happen, and the malicious link the spam email contains will happen. A link inside a spam mail may point to a very harmful website that contains drive-by viruses and other malicious software. Free spam filter for outlook may or may not detect them. It will be lucky if a free spam filter for outlook will be able to catch it. Even when using a limited regular account, bugs and unpatched exploits can still be taken advantage of by the malware, with that infection is still possible to happen even if a typical anti spam solutions are running.

Feeling that spam is a non-issue

Many individuals and companies ignore the issue of spam. They see it as no problem and employees just will just delete the spam anyway the very moment they start their workday. Social engineering spam emails can be blocked by a fixed installation of an anti spam solutions system that fights junk emails using a special service hosted separately from the other servers. This is where Comodo, a leading name in privacy and security launched the Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. An all-in-one anti spam solution for email spam. Comodo Anti Spam Gateway also covers protection for email attachments and is more sophisticated than the free spam filter for outlook. This gives end-users and system administrator the confidence in opening email attachments, as it prevents malware by filtering them before the emails reach the user’s mailbox, a typical anti spam solutions cannot always do the same.

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The prowess of an anti spam protection layer can be empowered by Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. It serves as a real-time scanner more powerful than a typical anti spam solutions, through its innovative Valkyrie anti spam engine. Anti spam solutions from somewhere else cannot match it. Comodo email filter is effective from its source and blocks emails from known malicious domains from reaching the user’s mailbox compared to a plain text blacklist provided by a typical  anti spam solutions.

Secure your enterprise, secure your future, choose Comodo Anti Spam Gateway versus the typical anti spam solutions. The free spam filter for outlook used by your enterprise right now may not be able to cover the future requirement for anti spam.

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