How an Anti Spam Firewall Completes the Enterprise Security

Anti spam firewalls come in many shapes and sizes granularly tailor made to the size of the enterprise. The lowest cost anti spam firewall is usually a software solution that runs in the mail server itself. Though cheap to acquire, the hidden cost of it comes once it is rolled-out. An anti spam firewall installed in the mail server takes away resources for its own use.  Depending upon the system specifications of the mail server, its performance may decrease.

Anti Spam Firewall

Taking into consideration this heavy hidden cost, many enterprises are learning their lesson the hard way. An anti spam firewall that is hardware appliance-based is more robust and do not place computing burdens on the mail server. Such an anti spam firewall prevents delays from email sending and receiving, in contrast to a software-based anti spam firewall that runs in the mail server that interferes with the operation of the latter in real time.

Comodo has launched one such anti spam firewall. A trusted name in privacy and security, Comodo Dome Anti Spam is a multi-tier system for fighting junk emails. Depending upon the requirement of the enterprise, Comodo Dome Anti Spam can be entirely cloud-based, hosted in the cloud but connected with your mail server or a hardware appliance located in your own office network itself.

This level of flexibility is unique with Comodo, it is an all-in-one solution that is made tailor fit regardless of the size of the enterprise and the number of users. The core of the anti spam firewall by Comodo is its central management console, it is a special control panel available to system administrators. This is where all configurations are done, all changes are transparent to the users and all they will encounter is a significant decrease of spam email instances that they encounter with their email clients.

Comodo Dome Anti Spam is powered by a cloud-platform for a real time maintenance of spam and malware signatures. This anti spam firewall component reduces mail server load, given that it runs independent from the latter. Unlike a software-only solution that takes resources away from the mail server for its filtering actions, Comodo Anti Spam being cloud-based or a hardware appliance enable the mail server to use its full bandwidth 24/7.

With a cost effective and efficient anti spam firewall like Comodo, the productivity of the end-users are not reduced due to time spend manually filtering spam email. Even if the spammers are deliberately misspelling the spam keywords, Comodo Dome Anti Spam still detects it due to its on-the-spot cloud updates.

Administrators just configure the system once, setting basic parameters like MX Records and other necessary information connected with the mail server, and the Comodo® Dome Anti Spam protects the mail server by filtering its email traffic. Don’t settle for a rudimentary anti spam filtering that comes with email clients or just pivot on the basic capabilities of a free anti spam software. There is a better way, and that is Comodo® Dome Anti Spam system.


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