The Only Viable Solution Against Spam

Anti Spam Code

As email users, how can we not forget the endless number of offers to buy Viagra at a discount? Or the unbelievable number of solicitations for sex with a random person? Spam has to stop, but where do we start? Some countries legislate their own laws to legally punish the perpetrators of spam, but we have not heard much from the media who are the big-time spammers that receive hefty penalties due to it.

Are we in the age where we just tolerate spam? Is the perfect anti spam code code possible to program, if not legislated? These are the questions that may or may not receive a definite solution anytime soon. The hope is that the security industry will find the way in developing the ultimate anti spam code code soon, they cannot deny that due to the insecurity of many they became very rich. It is estimated that by 2020, even the mobile anti-malware industry will be valued at $5.7 billion USD. This is a huge number of profits capable of developing the best possible solution against spam.

The traditional behavior of just letting things as it is. Making the primary defense against spam are the people themselves who are using the email system. In a 2017 study, 30% of employee time in the office is connected with email tasks. Imagine how much of that 30% is wasted by employees who start manually deleting spam from their mailbox as soon as they arrive at their office.

The only viable solution as of this time is with the use of a hosted-service that blocks spam email. Such service does not use the resources of the mail server, as it is external from it. One such service is from a recognized name in security and privacy, Comodo. Comodo Dome anti spam code is a comprehensive solution, using the revolutionary Valkyrie technology, it assures the system administrators that it always has the most updated spam-signatures.

Comodo® Dome anti spam delivers a high uptime centralized management for filtering spam from entering your network, a huge improvement compared to a free anti spam code software. Through Comodo anti spam, Administrators just need to configure the system once, setting the basic parameters like MX Records and other necessary information connected with the mail server, and the Comodo® Dome anti spam protects the mail server by filtering its email traffic.

Such business anti spam code, prevents delays from email sending and receiving, in contrast to a software-based business anti spam code that runs on the mail server that interferes with the operation of the latter in real time. Don’t settle for a rudimentary anti spam code filtering that comes with email clients or just pivot on the basic capabilities of a free anti spam code software. There is a better way, and that is Comodo® Dome anti spam system.


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