Good thing why Captcha is not used for Securing Email from Spam

Anti Spam Captcha

When we visit a website and use its services, the site’s functionality is usually not immediately offered to us. We are tested if we are a human or a robot. Many hated this, as at first glance it is annoying and has no direct positive benefits to the user.

The above image is a sample of an anti spam CAPTCHA, or “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.”It was invented by Manuel Blum, from the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science faculty. The system was originally designed to stop scripts and slow down human scammers from messing up Yahoo’s chatrooms. Yahoo was very influential in the early days, their chatrooms were popular, while many teenagers fell victim to social engineering and had their personal information stolen for being too trusting with others. Anti spam captcha was proven very useful by Yahoo, as it lessens their legal obligation, by preventing trouble before it can happen.

Anti Spam CAPTCHA has been a frustration to legitimate users of websites that implement it, for the primary reason of it breaking the normal work flow of navigating the web. What it used to be a very valid reason for stopping a social engineering activity from taking hold, to just plain discouraging bots from using their system, that is the entire story of anti spam Catcha. Anti spam captcha has been taken advantage of the websites, to a point; it is becoming abusive against their legitimate users. It is cheaper to implement than develop a custom anti spam system for themselves. The anti spam captcha has always been a point of contention, as legitimate users time are consumed to read weird looking characters. Spammers perform their own research and development which bypasses the anti spam captcha, this is through penetrating the actual database of the website being attacked. When the attackers already have access to the database, everything is possible. They can deface the website, insert wrong information and replace the legitimate links with the links that can infect the site visitors. Attackers are also very clever not to leave traces, hence audits to the server will not turn-out any evidence of intrusion. Such intrusion that bypasses the anti spam captcha can only be detected through careful forensic analysis of the server and the site database. And such forensic analysis cannot be completed quickly, it takes a while to check all the subroutines of the site and all its pages. This is especially true if the site in question uses heavy amounts of Javascript, as the script structure needs to be audited as well.

In a debate between cost and functionality, anti spam captcha has a beneficial financial advantage for any other solution. The good thing is the anti spam CAPTCHA is not involved as an anti spam method for email because imagine the annoyance of a user when an email can only be sent after solving an anti spam Captcha. Companies are using a different method of securing email, very vital not to annoy users like what anti spam captcha does. Investment for securing their mail server is more complex than just implementing an anti spam captcha to prevent spam in a website. Keeping spam from reaching the end-users are the main goal of an email anti spam system. This is now done using cloud-technology, as such system operates independently and do not use the system resources on the actual mail server.

One such service is a leading name in privacy and security, Comodo. Comodo Dome Anti Spam is a hosted service from the cloud that filters email for spam, virus attachments, and phishing messages prior to its delivery to the user mailbox. With its revolutionary Valkyrie cloud-technology, Comodo ensures that the service always has the latest virus signatures in real-time. This ensures the safety of the emails entering and exiting the mail server from external parties. Comodo Dome Anti spam does not implement an anti spam captcha in its operations, but rather through an intelligent algorithm to stop spam.

Comodo® Dome Anti Spam delivers a 24/7 centralized control for stopping spam from entering the corporate network, a huge improvement compared to its competition. Through Comodo Anti Spam, the settings are simplified, configure the system once and the basic parameters take effect for the mail server, and the Comodo® Dome Anti Spam service secures the mail server by filtering its email traffic.

Don’t settle for a basic anti spam filtering that comes with email clients or just depend on the basic capabilities of a free anti spam software. There is a better way, and that is Comodo® Dome Anti Spam system.


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