Five Things to Look for in a Cyber Security Provider


Reading Time: 3 minutes When we think of hackers, data breaches, and malware, certain cyber security brands may come to mind to counter the fear and anxiety caused by these threats. Although it’s easy to name several brands operating in the cyber security space, how do you...


How To Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security Readiness


Reading Time: 3 minutes The risk of cyber security threats in US companies remains a big concern as incidents of data breaches, malware infections, and other forms of cybercrime continue to escalate. In its September 2018 report, The Identity Theft Resource Center noted 932...


Why you’re putting your network at risk with a defensive approach to malware


Reading Time: 4 minutes   It’s a mad, mad, mad, malware world. The good news is that the number of malware attacks is decreasing. The bad news is that malware forms are proliferating, attackers are getting smarter, and companies are still vulnerable. Just how bad is the...


The Seven Advantages of Hiring a Cyber Security Provider


Reading Time: 3 minutes A single cyber-attack can cost you your business. Data from the National Cyber Security Alliance shows that 60 percent of small and mid-sized business close after 6 months following an attack. Businesses which fall prey to hackers and cybercriminals lose...


How to Prevent Smartphone Spying?


Reading Time: 7 minutes Update: check the latest version of Comodo’s free mobile security app How Your Smartphone can Turn Hazardous Your smartphone is your best friend and assistant. But within a few minutes, it can turn into an insidious betrayer. Then it begins...



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Microsoft, Paypal And Google Top Brands Targeted By Phishing Campaigns, According To Comodo Cybersecurity Global Threat Report

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New Comodo Cybersecurity Services Respond To Mounting Smb Cyberattacks

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Comodo Cybersecurity And Partner To Deliver Web Security To South African Site Hosting Market

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