Saas Endpoint Security

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Groundbreaking Endpoint Protection Platform Built On Zero Trust Architecture
Advanced endpoint protection

Endpoint Security Benefits

While unknown files are in containment, the files are immediately analyzed in the cloud by Comodo’s Valkyrie Verdicting Engine and Threat Intelligence without interrupting the end user.

  • Activate Breach Prevention Protects Your Data
  • Report a Reduction Total Number of Incidents
  • Best Malware Protection from Ransomware
  • Lightweight Agent with Cloud Delivered Updates

Secure your Endpoints from Ransomware, Data Breaches, & Malware

Advanced Endpoint Protection will never trust and will always verify 100% of unknown executables to prevent any damage

Zero trust architecture

Endpoints Finally Protected

  • Protect endpoints against 100% of unknown threats without impacting user productivity.
  • Combination of machine learning and human expert analysis gives your verdict in 45 seconds.
  • Once Advanced Endpoint Protection is deployed it won’t heavily impact endpoint performance.
Containment Without Compromise

Outsmart Malware and Attack Vectors

  • Allow unknown files to safely run on endpoints, without write access to the critical components.
  • Virtualize all unknown files immediately in Containment when executed on an endpoint.
  • End users enjoy seamless productivity, with the ability to run any unknown file, even while the file is in analysis.
Threat Intelligence Feeds Verdicts

All Unknowns Become Classified

  • 95% of unknown files return a verdict under 45 seconds! 5% of unknown files go to security specialists with 4 hour sla!
  • Security specialists are on call to apply expert analysis of more sophisticated threats and return a verdict in a maximum of 4 hours.
  • File Verdicts are updated globally in real-time for all AEP customers by the Valkyrie verdicting engine.
Why choose our

Advanced Endpoint Protection

When an unknown file, a potential malicious threat, attempts to execute on an endpoint, the file is immediately encapsulated by
Comodo Auto Containment Technology, while users can immediately open files and run downloaded scripts and executables.

Auto Containment™

Contain 100% of known and unknown threats instantly

Comodo Antivirus

Automatically detect, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files

Comodo Host Firewall

Protect against inbound threats and outbound threats

Comodo File Lookup System

Check the file reputation against Comodo’s whitelist and blacklist

Virus Scope Behavior Analyzer

Monitor behaviors of all processes to identify harmful actions

Host Intrusion Prevention System

Monitor important operating system activities to watch for intrusions

Fileless Malware Protection

Protect against malware that have no files to execute

Valkyrie Analyzers

Statically and dynamically analyze unknown threats in the cloud

Cloud-Native Architecture

Signatures updated automatically without interruption

Expert Human Analysis

24 hr expert analysis of more sophisticated threats

enhanced cybersecurity

add-on modules

Detection & Response

Pair Endpoint Detection & Response with Advanced Endpoint Protection for increased endpoint visibility to detect threats and investigate and respond to security incidents.


Detection & Response

Pair Managed Detection & Response with Advanced Endpoint Protection to outsource the management of your networks and endpoints to Comodo to prevent breaches.


Threat Intelligence

Pair Valkyrie Threat Intelligence with Advanced Endpoint Protection for even more visibility into the dark and deep web using over 150 intelligence feeds to notify your admins if domains/IPs are under risk of any phishing, virus, spam and risks on your domains.



Quickly identify if malicious or unknown files are on your endpoint or critical systems today