Google has stated its intent to take the following steps relating to the Chrome browser with respect to Symantec certificates:

  • Chrome 66 will distrust Symantec-issued TLS/SSL certificates issued before June 1, 2016, requiring the certificates to be replaced with new certificates before the original would expire
  • Chrome 70 will distrust TLS/SSL certificates issued from Symantec's old infrastructure, including any replacement certificates issued by Symantec prior to the transition to the non-Symantec-operated Managed Partner Infrastructure

Symantec's initial response to the proposal and a public discussion may be found here.

Click here to read about a series of events in the timeline of Symantec certificate authority improprieties.

Since Google Chrome has a majority of the browser market, its proposed distrust of Symantec certificates, including RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Thawte brands, in the Chrome browser may potentially affect Chrome user traffic on your web sites.

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